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  • Where is my theme?
    Your theme will appear as a new portal. If you'd prefer to apply to an existing portal, you can assign the theme in the portal set-up area.
  • How do I install this theme?
    This theme is installed as an imported update set. Detailed instructions on moving update set are available here
  • How do I change the categories and pictures in the tile area?
    The tile banner repurposes the Quick Links widget, which has an aggressive photo compression functionality. To get around the overcompression of the photos, we are linking to individual photos that are uploaded to the system. You will need to upload your own photos and assign them in the css.

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Our Story

This is the space to introduce visitors to the business or brand. Briefly explain who's behind it, what it does and what makes it unique. Share its core values and what this site has to offer. 

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